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Exceed Petroleum plans to develop Oil Storage Terminals to facilitate its operations and provide storage for the products. The company will construct multiple oil terminals which will be located at different locations across the country based on the needs and requirements of the business. In the initial phase the company will construct an oil storage terminal in Central Pakistan to act as the storage hub of the company. However the company will acquire other storage facilities in various locations to augment capacity, facilitate and expedite the operations of the business. The company will also enter into hospitality agreements to supplement its storage capacities and expand its reach across the country. We have acquired an existing storage in Sheikhupura to jumpstart our operations. While this storage is being upgraded the company has also started work on another storage facility at Gujrat. In the next few years the company will establish its storages at Macchike, Shikarpur, Sihala and Tarujaba according to our marketing plans.